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Nitrates métalliques JW Chemicals, Spécialiste français des nitrates métalliques. Large gamme de nitrates métalliques chimiques sous différentes formes, packaging et spécifications.

French Chemist
Specialized in Metallic Nitrates

Who are we
JW Chemicals, specialized in industrial chemistry, offers its customers a wide range of metal nitrates in different forms, types of packaging and specifications.
Since the first site was founded, our group has always worked closely with our partners to support them in the characterization, formulation and industrialization of their products and to enable them developping in the pharmaceutical, catalysis, surface treatment and fertilizers markets.
Today, our sales teams, engineers and Research and Development study office are working hard on the processes of tomorrow, with respect for the environment, and from high quality raw materials. . Our key words are competitiveness and responsiveness in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow, particularly in emerging fields such as new generation batteries, product with high added value.
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